About Cumba Farms

CumbaFarms is an agri-business established in 2017 with its first permanent facility situated in Umunede, Nigeria. Our farm is a 200 x 300 cm land-space conducive enough to be the home of over 1000 pigs, goat and other livestock.We apply the best expertise for effective and continuous production. Farming is a way of life for us and we strive to treat the land, crops and animals with respect.

At CumbaFarms, we believe the quality of crop and livestock produced and consumed by a nation reflects its overall health and economic state and that’s why cumbafarms utilize years of experience and research; skills and practices to birth high quality agricultural products at affordable price, as we combat food poverty and food insecurity in Nigeria

lady in cumba farms

Our Services

Over the years, the company had diversified into several arms of the agro industry with the aim of strengthening our vision.
Some of which are:

  • Consultancy
  • Pig production
  • Goat production
  • Ram production
  • Palm Oil production
  • Canine production